Drawbacks of Online Gaming

In addition to the physical benefits, playing multi-player games can help you build social skills.

Research suggests that 70 percent of people play games with friends at least occasionally. People with multiple sclerosis, for example, may benefit from online games because they can improve their balance and socialization. No medication has yet been proven to treat multiple sclerosis, which affects multiple nerves in the body. Despite the health benefits of playing online games, there are some drawbacks.


Online gaming can be addictive. Young players can lose track of time, procrastinate studying, and ignore deadlines. While online games offer endless entertainment, they also distract from socializing. The long hours that these gamers spend online could have been spent doing more productive things. In addition, online gaming can also become expensive, lead to addictive behavior, and lead to social isolation. For this reason, parents are encouraged to limit the amount of time their children spend playing online games.

Another disadvantage of playing online games is the effect on one’s physical health. Studies have linked gaming with increased levels of obesity, sleep deprivation, and aggression. While online gaming can improve your critical thinking and visual 토토사이트, it can also lead to back and shoulder pain, poor posture, and decreased physical activity. Moreover, prolonged gaming may affect a person’s memory and concentration, which can lead to cognitive impairment and poor memory.

Psychological impact

According to research by Demetrovics et al., young people play online games an average of 10 hours per week before they turn 21. This is nearly the same amount of time as an average child spends playing middle or high school games. Young people who play online games excessively experience loneliness, decreased social competence, and risk of damaging existing relationships. The negative effects of excessive gaming can be profound, and some of them even affect careers.

While there is no universal effect of online gaming, some evidence suggests that there are different effects of playing different types of games. One study found that the game genre participants enjoyed most was related to general psychopathology. The game genres played also showed a strong correlation with participants’ sex. Overall, it was found that participants were more likely to spend time playing simulation games than role-playing games. Despite these findings, the impact of playing different types of games on psychological functioning is still unclear.